Past Officers of NFMLTA



2014-2015   President Audrey L. Heining-Boynton   The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  2013-2014   Treasurer Sheri Hurlbut   University of Nabraska, Lincoln
     2012-2013      President Aleidine Moeller      University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  1993-2013   Treasurer Gerard L. Ervin   The Ohio State University (Emeritus)
  2010-2011   President Carol Klee   University of Minnesota
  2008-2009   President Ray Clifford   Brigham Young University
  2006-2007   President Renate Schultz   University of Arizona
  2004-2005   President Carmen Chavez Tesser    University of Georgia
  2002-2003   President George Peters   Michigan State University
  2000-2001   President Al Smith   Utah State University
  1998-1999   President Gale Crouse   University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
  1996-1997   President Lynn Sandstedt   University of Northern Colorado
  1992-1997   Secretary Charles Hancock   The Ohio State University
  1994-1995   President Jody Thrush   Madison Area Technical College
  1992-1993   President Helene Zimmer-Lowe   American Association of Teachers of German
          Treasurer Liz Hoffman   Nebraska Department of Education
  1990-1991   President Walter Eliason   Rider College
      Treasurer   Liz Hoffman   Burke High School Omaha, NE















NOTE:  From 1966 to 1990, records of NFMLTA officers are not present in NFMLTA’s journal, Modern Language Journal. What does appear in Volume 50, Number 8 of the Modern Language Journal is a listing of all NFMLTA Officers from the organization’s inception in 1916 to 1966, the organization’s Golden Anniversary. See the complete list HERE