A. There shall be an Editor of the MLJ who shall be elected by the Board of Directors as provided in this Article.

B. Editor. The Editor of the MLJ shall be elected by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting normally preceding by one year the beginning of his/her term. The term of office shall be three years, beginning January 1 of the first year of the term for which elected and ending December 31 of the third year; he/she shall be eligible for re-election upon completion of an appropriate evaluation of his/her performance in the position.

Under the general policies established by the Board of Directors, the Editor shall be responsible for the editorial content of the MLJ, for preparation of manuscript copy for the printer according to the standards of high technical style. The Editor may appoint members of the editorial staff and commission such articles as he/she wishes providing funds have been allocated for this purpose. The Editor shall submit a written report for each meeting of the Board of Directors.

C. Business Management. The businessaffairs of the MLJ shall be under the general jurisdiction of the Executive Committee as directed by the Board of Directors. Operational responsibility may be delegated to a Business Manager or contracted with an appropriate business office. Business matters so delegated or contracted shall include: subscription fulfillment and promotion, manufacturing, distribution, receiving and disbursing funds resulting from publication of the MLJ, financial accounts, soliciting and selling advertising space, reprints, warehousing and selling back issues, and licensing the same of back issues and/or reprints. The MLJ business office shall pay to the Treasurer, for addition to the Federation's general fund, any surplus of operating receipts generated by publication of the MLJ. Such transfers of surplus funds will be made at intervals of one year or at shorter intervals as are mutually agreed upon.

D. The Editor and Treasurer shall work in close cooperation with each other, to facilitate the most effective accomplishment of their respective tasks. During the period immediately prior to and after the induction of a successor into office, each of them shall cooperate in every way with his/her respective successor so as to facilitate the transition.

E. The subscription price of the MLJ shall be fixed from time to time by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may authorize reduced joint subscription rates by agreement with the publishers of other journals, special rates for students, and rebates to organizations which collect and submit subscriptions for the MLJ.

F. The members of the Board of Directors have the duty to promote the subscription circulation of the MLJ within the member organizations which they represent. Specifically, it shall be their duty to:

1) alert the officers and members of such organizations to their responsibility to support and promote the MLJ;

2) inform the responsible officers of their organization of current procedures for handling subscriptions to the MLJ and rebates;

3) seethat opportunity is provided for the MLJ to be effectively promoted at annual meetings of their organizations and that subscription information is provided to their members at least once a year; and

4) assistin providing an opportunity for the MLJ to be advertised in their organization's journal newsletter, and printed programs, if any.